Entertainment Tax Preparation

Federal + One State

February: $200.00

March: $210.00

April and later: $230.00

Extra States: $40.00 per state

Complicated returns taking more than 1 1/2 hours:
$140.00 per hour in 15 minute increments.

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  1. 1.Multi-year Returns

  2. 2.Hand-holding

  3. 3.Entertainment Industry Deductions

  4. 4.Multi-state Returns

  5. 5.International Tax Returns

  6. 6.Mail-in and Drop-off Returns

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It's simple. I specialize in preparing taxes for actors, performers and other members of the entertainment industry — over 1500 of your friends, neighbors and co-workers have come to Chuck Sloan & Associates last year alone. But not all of our clients are in the biz; we have become the tax office for hundreds of ‘civilians’ because of our informative, relaxed style of preparation.   

Because most industry people need to make use of a variety of tax forms we have chosen not to charge on a per form basis as most preparers, especially the national chains, do. Our standard fee usually covers the vast majority of our clients' needs. See rate chart top left.

I focus on making the tax process comfortable and understandable. When you leave this office, know that no stone has been left unturned in making use of every deduction you are legally allowed. Because I and the other preparers know and understand our job better than most, the audit rate of our clients is less than one third the national average. In our twenty year history only two of our clients have ever had to pay a dollar more as a result of an examination by the IRS.  That's a record we are very proud of. Yet our standard fee for a return is significantly less than almost all of our competition. Why? Because preparing tax returns for members of the entertainment industry and others, is what we specialize in.  Again, the entertainment industry returns are usually far more intricate than for the average employee.

If anyone tells you they can get you one dime more than I can, they are misleading you or the IRS, maybe both. 


Entertainment Tax Preparation